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Artist Profile-Heru Muhawa

I am an Indonesian artist live and work in Bali, and it is the spiritual atmosphere of this place that makes up much of my unique work.

I am largely a self-taught painter, though I studied Art painting and sculpture in Majapahit Art Studio Gallery in Malang city of East Java around 26 years ago. At that time I explored sculpture and traditional art as much as various techniques of drawing with a pencil, painting with water colors and oil on canvas. Essentially, I paint the images through the feelings and visions received in my meditation practices.

The favorite materials I like to use are acrylic, oil, natural paints and neon black light paints to create the effect of glow in the dark. The technique of using neon black light paints makes such my paintings called psychedelic Art.

I also love to explore new ideas and creating painting on CDs and other different materials. My disciplined way of living brings up spontaneous ideas to be able to create innovative forms, dimensional patterns, unique shapes and figures.

As a result, there are collectors of my Art not only from Indonesia but also from different countries, such as Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Singapore, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Great Britain, France, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Africa, etc.

Career Highlights
  • 1990-1993 Annual exhibition for residents of Majapahit Studio-Gallery in Malang-East Java
  • 2002 Exhibition with united artists in Gajah Mada Plaza Malang
  • Participated in painting workshops in different places around Indonesia
  • Opened art painting studios to connect with Art lovers and people in West Java and Bali
  • Autumn 2019Live Painting workshops at Avilla in Ubud-Bali
  • Early December 2019 Solo Art Exhibition at Avilla in Ubud-Bali


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